There's a new hotel in town – and it's a stunningly beautiful creation named Hotel Nia. I arrived a week before opening, so of course between the final construction, incoming decor and staff training, it was a bit of a chaotic environment to shoot in. Plus the weather was sunny one minute, and pouring rain the next – guaranteeing a variety of settings and a true challenge for the photographer (me). This shoot was dual-purpose – first, to get some food and drink photos for the restaurant, and second to capture some good portraits of various staff for press releases and the website. 

I like to get a little variety with my portraits wherever possible, so I identified 3 to 4 locations I could take each individual that wouldn't get (too much) in the way of the hotel opening process happening all around (and without getting wet outside!). All in all, I am satisfied with the results, I'll show the food pics in the next post!