Photos that work

Stunning imagery that helps your business thrive.


Photos that work

Stunning imagery that helps your business thrive.


Great photography invites customers in.

...and the converse is also true: low quality or generic photos drive customers away. If you can quickly engage with potential customers at an emotional level they are more likely to choose you over your competition.

Our goal is to make your business look its best, online and in print.

Our clients range from the sole individual who needs a professional portrait – to large restaurant or hotel chains that need a consistent style for all their photography needs: architectural interiors/exteriors, lifestyle portraits of staff & customers, executive headshots, large group photos, food & drink photography, candid event coverage and much more. 

All photography by Chris Schmauch, GoodEye Photography, Inc.


Traditional Headshots or more Creative Lifestyle Portraits for:

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Corporate Executives

  • Sales Staff

  • Self Employed

  • LinkedIn / Job Search

Full photographic services for anything a restaurant could need:

  • Food & Drink

  • Bartender & Chef Action

  • Customer & Staff Candids

  • Decor Details

  • Formal Portraits

Professional panoramic interiors and exteriors of small to large properties for:

  • Architects

  • Commercial Builders

  • Designers

  • Owners

  • Business Associations


business portraits

Damn, you look good.

business portraits

Damn, you look good.


Traditional head shot or creative portrait?

It's your choice – why don't we try both? Whether you need one head shot for your LinkedIn profile or your corporation needs 50 corporate portraits – we've got you covered.

Looking for something more candid, fun or creative? We love coming up with fresh new concepts with our clients!

Traditional head shot

Traditional head shot

Creative business portrait

Creative business portrait



we come to you.


No need to suffer Bay Area traffic to come to some random studio. We come to your home, office or other outdoor location at a time that's convenient for you.

Camera shy?

We can do this.

The vast majority of our clients are not too comfortable in front of the camera. We're experts at making portrait sessions easy, fun and quick.

Capture the Team

big or small.


Showing off your team, whether it's you and your co-founder or your staff of 400, we're up to the task of capturing everyone in one great shot.

Fountain of Youth

always included

One of our most common questions is "Can you make me look younger / thinner?" Yes. Yes we can. Any reasonable retouching request is included with any purchased files.

Quick Turnaround

days, not weeks


Turnaround varies depending on the time of year, but anywhere from 24hrs to a couple days is about as long as clients have to wait  before seeing their edited proofs.

100% Guarantee

we love happy clients

If you are not satisfied with the results from our shoot together (i.e. you don't want to use any of the edited photos) then we'll issue you a full refund. Simple as that.



Restaurant photography – from fast to fine.


Restaurant photography – from fast to fine.


Mouth watering, tummy-grumbling good.

If our photos of your chef's creations don't make you want to EAT IT RIGHT NOW then we haven't done our job. Your image is being tarnished by the masses of customers Instagramming your food – combat the waves of terrible cell phone photos with your own amazing imagery, ready to go on your social media properties, websites and advertising ventures.

Photos of your restaurant's food is just the beginning. If you want a consistent look for your restaurant's branding efforts, we're experts at all kinds of types of photography that's directly relevant to you:


Restaurant Photography Services:



Most restaurant clients are looking to shoot 10-15 of their most popular dishes. We work directly with your executive chef to make sure the plates present perfectly.



Show off your unique signature cocktails, or your simple twist on the classics. 



Creative portraits or standard head shots of executives, chefs or other staff –each have their place and unique target uses.

Chefs at Work


Behind-the-scenes food-prep shots in the kitchen or chop-'em, throw-'em action at the table – we capture it all with ease.

Bartenders at Work


Splashy, shaky-shaky pour – the process is as important as the final, finished liquid art. Show off your bartender's skills!

Happy Customers


Invite your friends over for a VIP night and we'll capture them having an amazing time consuming free liquor and eating delicious food – hey, it's a win-win for all...

Happy Staff


Tip your hat to your loyal staff who've been with you so long – capture them doing what they do best, serving with a smile.



Sometimes a restaurant truly is the sum of all the little details – truly making it as unique as its owner. Let us capture them in the most artistic way.

Interior Spaces


You've invested no small sum in your interior design, lighting and decor. We're experts at showing your restaurant at its very best.


Amazing Space

Panoramic architectural photography for commercial properties.

Amazing Space

Panoramic architectural photography for commercial properties.


If you build it, they will come

...and spend their money.

You've invested thousands of dollars to make your business look like a million. Make sure your images show it off in the best light. We work with designers, architects, builders and owners – all looking for portfolio-worthy photos of their creations. We're happy to work or collaborate with multiple teams to ensure everyone gets the imagery they need.




We photograph data centers, government buildings, historical properties, warehouses, grocery stores, and commercial properties of all kinds – interior and exterior.



We offer full-service photography for restaurants, and architectural interiors and exteriors is a big part of this. We specialize in wide interior shots that show off your space like no other.



We often work with hotels immediately after a redesign – shooting the new suites and other interior spaces to capture modern materials and decor.



We shoot high-end real estate all around the Bay Area – on the ground and from the air if needed. Beautiful panoramic images capture the natural light and fine architectural details of your home.