Brenda needed some portraits for her new real estate venture, but she wanted more of a natural lifestyle feel to the photos than your typical executive headshot. She sent me a few sample images for the look and feel she was going for, so I suggested a natural light shoot at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz. It's very rustic, with lots of old buildings, barns, distressed wood textures, rickety fences – the perfect backdrop for Brenda's vision. Luckily it was overcast, so the natural light was going to look great. Plus, with all the rain we've had this January (thanks El Niño!), we got some great green fields in the background of many of the photos, giving them a lush feel. Brenda has a great natural smile and a youthful, dare I say Santa Cruzian, look to her. Beautiful outside and in, I had a wonderful time getting to know Brenda and getting some great shots of her true personality. Enjoy a few of my favorites below: